Spooky Lavender- Handmade Watercolor Paints (glitter)
Spooky Lavender- Handmade Watercolor Paints (glitter)
Spooky Lavender- Handmade Watercolor Paints (glitter)

Spooky Lavender- Handmade Watercolor Paints (glitter)

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Stunning Glittery 2-Tone Grey Purple Watercolor Paint

Spooky Lavender is an unusual grey-purple water-soluble paint with divine purple glitter. It looks translucent grey from one angle but when tilted towards the light it has a gorgeous purple glittery effect.

It can be built up to a more solid purple glitter effect by layering it (Please Note: each layer must be totally bone dry before adding the next layer).

It's gorgeous when used as a glaze or topcoat over other colours, especially colours similar to itself, and it's absolutely divine when used over dark colours.

There are another 2 colours in this range called Spooky Sage which is grey/green and Spooky Lunar which is grey/blue. This Spooky Lavender is the purple version.

It's a little trickier to use than other colours as it needs more time to dissolve with a few drops of water. It's worth the wait though as it's beautiful.

Dissolve the binder with a few drops of water then add to your watercolor paintings for a beautiful glittery overlay.

Watch the tips video on how to use these paints here youtu.be/8Y7CTwZ8TZM

Half Pan Size

No Fillers, Just Pigment & Binder

Beautiful Watercolors, handmade by myself.  I’ve used the best quality pigments in these paints and I’ve packed in as much pigment as possible.  So there are no fillers in these paints to bulk them out, just pigments and the ingredients for the binder.

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PLEASE NOTE:  As these are handmade products, my order processing time can take up to 4 business days.  You will receive an email confirmation when your order is dispatched.  

Most international orders should arrive within 2 weeks from dispatch, but please allow up to 4 weeks as some packages can be delayed in customs/security of your country.